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Have You Ever Tried to Design a Stretching Routine? Ahhh… The Frustration of it all! You’re sitting there with pen in hand, staring at a blank piece of paper. Racking your brain to think of a few good stretches, but you keep coming back to the same old boring stretches you always do.

To design a good stretching routine you need to have a detailed understanding of anatomy and physiology; have experience in basic strength and conditioning techniques; have a vast selection of stretches to choose from; and know precisely what stretches are relevant for each particular muscle group and each particular sport.

And even if you do have all the above, it takes time, discipline and a lot of effort to design and create a safe, effective routine for yourself or your clients. Well, now you can…

Check out this awesome resource from Brad Walker – InstantStretch


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Gluten Free Society

The Gluten Free Society has made it their aim to educate Doctors and Patients about gluten sensitivity. Follow the link below to learn more: