Healthwise Partners

Enjoy our many partners that we have selected, to help you to become more Healthwise! When you are out of the Redding Area, and in the San Diego, Orange County or Chico, CA areas – I strongly recommend the Chiropractors listed below. Seeking other ways to become healthwise – check out all resources listed below. It has been an amazing experience getting to know each partner personally and to share all the ways that they are in alignment to meet your various health goal needs.

To My Partners:
Thank you so much for all your continued support over the years, all your wisdom and generosity. I am so proud of what hard workers you are; you inspire me everyday to seek the best in myself. I love that having a life full of health, happiness, and abundance is so important to you all. When we can have that for ourselves – and clean our own house first – it is then, that we can even attempt to help another. I continue to be your biggest fan!

With much gratitude,

 We help small business owners discover solutions to nagging business problems. We do it by having an inquiry conversation to help close the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

Mental Nuggets
Small Business Coaching Consultancy
San Tan Valley, Arizona 85143
Phone: 480-467-4637
BUSINESS HOURS: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Arizona Time

Juan Salas, Business Coach –

Master John Ozuna
Address: 1455 Foxworthy Ave.,
San Jose, Ca, 95118
Phone: 408 265-8504


Making Everyday Paleo possible for you and your family! Company Overview: website and Podcast dedicated to helping families and individuals realize that a paleo lifestyle is possible. Mission: To offer paleo related advice and amazing paleo recipes. Products Meal planning and consultations.

Fragoso Chiropractic offers comprehensive and personal care for the entire family. Our main goal is to help people attain their health potential by integrating the traditional principles of chiropractic with the most innovative treatment techniques available. Dr. John Fragoso, D.C.



Elite Health is the premier preventative health and wellness center providing exceptional treatment to the Downtown and Greater San Diego Area. Patients have many treatment options to relieve pain and discomfort and progress to a state of “ELITE Health.” Dr. Pawen Dohkal, D.C.



Dr. Dustin Glass, D.C.


Nor-Cal Rx
1600 E. Cypress Avenue Suite #6
Redding, California 96002
Phone: 530-605-0256 / 877-713-3268 



Intuitive Counseling & Healing with Trella: – Reiki/Energy Healing – Clairvoyant/PsychicGlobal Support Over the Phone – Empowerment – Weight Loss – Male/Female Dynamics – Business Consulting