Sara Fragoso

Arbonne products have made a significant impact on my confidence, not just to face the day but to be in the public eye! RE-9 products have noticeably improved my skin, reduced the appearance of my fine line and wrinkles, and now I can put on my makeup and feel like I’m not trying to hide behind it but instead simple enhancing the NATURAL beauty of my skin. Thank you Arbonne for giving me products that I can trust to not only help me feel and look my best but also for offering products that I know are not filled with harmful chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. To top it off, having my own personal consultant, Dr. Maria Salas, to answer questions and to keep me up to date and informed makes the whole experience of using Arbonne International Products – that much better. Sarah Fragoso, Chico, CA

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Scott F.

I would recommend Dr. Maria to anyone who has the need for a Chiropractor. She is extremely helpful with a persons specific needs and goes out of her way to work around your schedule to arrange appointments. Dr. Maria is very professional, and most of all she has a very good knowledge regarding wellness and practices it extremely well. Scott F., Redding, CA

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 Jamie M.

“Hi Maria: Just wanted to update you on my first week of Arbonne 30 Day To Feeling Fit Program. First, I LOVE the protein powder. Most protein powders I have tried are gritty and taste horrible. This one tastes so good and mixes just fine with the shaker. (I have always had to use a blender) I would force myself to drink a protein shake before but this last week I have actually wanted to drink them. Almost like a treat. The chocolate chews are also delicious and I usually eat one mid morning and one mid afternoon.

I have a very large goal of 100 pounds that I would like to lose. So far, in the last 7 days I have lost 7. A pound a day. Not bad. I know this will be a slow process but I am ready to shed my fat suit. Like taking off a jacket. The real me is underneath. I have had Type I diabetes for 30 years and also have hypothyroidism. My ankles/hips/knees hurt and getting of the ground sometimes feels like Everest. The turning point came to me over Christmas when I took my 10 year old and 2 year old sons to the park. It was near a street and I realized that if my youngest headed for the street I couldn’t move fast enough to catch him. Scary eye opener. Thanks for all the help and support!”¬† Jamie M – RedBluff, CA 38 yo.

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