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Mar 27, 2012

Hello – I am Dr. Maria Salas Chiropractor, doctor of chiropractic in Redding, CA.  And host of the Positively Healthy Show on KCNR 1460AM, Free Fire Radio, 10-11am on Saturdays.  With great excitement – I am so glad to find you here!  You may have just begun your health journey or you’ve been on it for awhile and continue to become more HEALTHWISE.  My hope is that this site can be a resource for you and provide the most up to date, cutting edge information for your custom path to optimal health.  Meaning, there will be information, knowledge presented, shared experiences, beneficial products, testimonials, and hopefully something for everybody.  So, let me officially welcome you to healthwisedoc.com where you can learn, readinteractshop, grow, ask questions and BECOME HEALTHWISE!

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  1. Dr. Salas,

    I enjoyed your talk today about airway and sleep. I especially appreciated the connecting of the dots that you made between airway and tooth grinding. I agree wholeheartedly. Additionally, I add acid reflux to this list.

    Sleep disordered breathing causes sleep related reflux and sleep related bruxism. I will be sending you some information after I do my research and find your contact information. Bravo for a great presentation. I caught the section around 45 minutes after the hour, after I finished a bike ride.

    Keep up the good work.

    Michael Nelson, DDS
    Redding, CA

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