What to Expect

First Chiropractic Visit & Beyond

Wow! You made it to your first chiropractic visit. By this time you have made some decisions to do something for your health, turn on that nervous system of yours, and to enjoy the relief you are going to feel. Your first visit will consist of yes…filling out some important paperwork to tell Dr. Maria what is going on and more importantly what has gone on with you over the years. This is part of the very thorough health history that we take during the exam. You will meet the doc and have a nice chat to figure out what your needs are and to see if she can help. If and when the doctor feels that she can help you on that day or after x-rays – she will accept you as a patient. The first visit is generally a little bit longer due to carrying out the thorough intake forms, history, exam, and possible adjustment. If Dr. Maria deems it necessary for x-rays, she will send clients to one of the several local imaging centers to take some much needed pictures. You can expect to block out at least 45 minutes for the first visit at Healthwise Chiropractic and the actual time will be based on severity and need. This time can also be cut shorter if paperwork is done early.

So, Dr. Maria has assessed your needs and decided that you are ready to get adjusted. Adjustment you ask? What’s that? Great question! Dr. Maria will set out a clear care plan for you to follow. There will be an explanation of what the adjustment is, how she will be performing the adjustment, and how most people feel after the adjustment. She will not do anything that you tell her, you are uncomfortable with and strongly encourages that you keep an open communication with her in all that you decide to share – at all times.

You have come to Dr. Maria for help, chiropractic care, and overall health advice. Choosing your doctor of chiropractic does not have to be hard – but just make sure to ask questions especially in the first visit. Most of the answers you will find within this site and you will learn along the way. (See About Chiropractic Q/A sub-page) It is important to follow the care plan suggested, not blindly, but as a team-player in the healthcare of you! Dr. Maria has weekly classes to get more questions answered, listen to testimonials, and discover the benefits of doing something for your healing path on a daily basis. If you do not have the time – please ask to sign up for her next teleseminar and take advantage of all these virtual moments.

Once again, this site is full of great overall health information for you to study and ask questions about. Please be sure to follow Dr. Maria on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog, for health-tips, and much more.